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When hardware or software issues come up, a quick and cost-effective solution is of the essence. wePresent EssentialCare assures your peace of mind in the case of hardware failures, and makes sure you can resume teaching right away. The EssentialCare service package warrants priority access to our Barco experts.

EssentialCare is a service package designed by Barco to improve the service experience of Barco customers through enhanced service and support levels. It is available as a 5 year package to be sold with wePresent at the time of sale, and as a 1 year package to extend the warranty of your wePresent installation.

Choose EssentialCare if: 

  • you want 5 years of coverage
  • you need express shipment of units
  • you want a faster response time from our helpdesk
  • you want full-time access to our self-help e-portal
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